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Since last few years, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board  (AERB)  is sensitizing the X-Ray equipment users, manufactures and distributors about their responsibility towards judicious use of X-Rays for medical purpose. 

An X Ray modality is basic and indispensable part of any hospital or diagnostic center. 

The ill effects of X Rays on humane body is known and we also know the importance of diagnosis, however there is a tread off and to curb a major problem, we have to accept the minor one. 

AERB has, under Radiation Protection Rule specified that every X-Ray machine should be Quality Assured once a year, and a proper record of such QA is to be kept as a proof. 

We are providing QA for all X-Ray based machines (X-Ray, Dental OPG, C-Arm, Dental X Ray, Mammography, CT Scan and Cathlab). 

The QA Test procedures are carried out as per the AERB guidelines.

The “Quality Assurance Test Report” generated is based on time stamped machine generated data and is fully documented, to qualify for NABH Accreditation and ISO certification.

The key service features include:

At MSPL we assist the client to Register the center with AERB and perform periodical Quality Assurance Test.